Central America

Bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean, the independent state of Belize couldn't be a more perfect site for renting beach front property.

Nestled in Central America, Belize beach front property is a hub for cultural, historical and agricultural splendor. Try vacationing here for a week or month and you'll doubtless wish to stay, perhaps even consider a Belize beach front property sale.

If the zesty yet laid back life of Central America suits you, check out Panama beach front property or Nicaragua beach front real estate. The close knit communities, the rich history and the back-to-basics mode of life just might lure you in for good.

One of the most politically stable countries in Latin America, Costa Rica is a sound and beautiful site in which to invest real estate. If you are not interested in Costa Rica beach front property for sale, try renting Costa Rica beach front property for a few weeks or months. Surrounded by Nicaragua, the Caribbean Sea, Panama and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica beach front real estate is the perfect way to delight in all Central America has to offer.