What are some great beach front property locations in Florida?

Try Destin, Florida beach front property to enjoy the Florida Panhandle or consider or a Panama City beach condo rental for its 27 miles of white sand. You may want to visit the "Venice of America" by renting Ft Lauderdale beach front property. Play a little tennis outside of a West Palm Beach, FL apartment rental or bring friends to a Daytona Beach apartment rental for a few weeks of sun, sand and sport fishing. The options are endless when it comes to beach front property in Florida!

My friends and I would like to vacation in California for a couple weeks. What do you suggest in terms of beach front property for rent?

California's terrain, peoples and lifestyles are rather diverse as you travel around the state. When choosing a beach rental in California, consider not only the type of beach front rental (beach front condo, beach villas, beach house rental...), but also in which region you'd like to rent California beach front property. Try Long Beach ocean front property or San Diego beach house rental. Why not live it up at a Laguna Beach vacation rental or a Newport Beach vacation rental? Let's not forget an apartment rental in Huntington Beach, California--“Surf City”--or Malibu Beach front property real estate.

I'm looking to expand my vacation horizons to a beautiful and culturally rich region of the world. Any ideas?

You must try traveling to Central America for a few weeks up to several months to fully soak in the singular flair of Central America. Costa Rica beach front property is some of the finest in the world. Sandwiched by Mexico, the Caribbean and Guatemala, Belize beach front property is a hub of activity and enjoyment. Branch out to rent panama beach front property or Nicaragua beach front real estate for a summer.

What's your recommendation for Massachusetts beach front property? My husband and I seek a beach rental on the Atlantic for the summer.

You must try a Cape Cod cottage rental--vacationing doesn't get much quainter than this. Or check out a Cape Cod condo rental or a Cape Cod beach front rental depending on how sumptuous you plan to make this trip. Any Cape Cod MA rental allows you to enjoy the charming New England atmosphere. Book your vacation rental in Cape Cod and you'll be taking in the best of Atlantic sun, salt and sea breeze.

My college friends and I are heading down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for spring break. What do you suggest for renting beach front property?

Pack your friends in a Myrtle Beach vacation rental closer to the nightlife or consider Myrtle Beach water front property sale where you can swim, toss the football and bonfire right outside your Myrtle Beach SC apartment rental.